Our new hopepage and who we are


We give you a big welcome to our new homepage!

Team Lucky Draw is a competetive Hearthstone Team. We play the game professional and our goal is plain and simple: to win tournaments.

Our active players areĀ Wuaschtsemme, Moonstar, GameKing, Timbolt, HitGirl (<– male!) and Grenan. our Team Manager is Gunny.

On our homepage you’ll find the hottest news on our team, interesting news from the Hearthstone scene and of course detailed info about current tournaments and their outcome. Feel also free to join us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/luckydrawde) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/luckydrawde).

Check out the Team section on top, there you can find links to the Twitch Streams of our players.

Best wishes from our whole team and have fun with luckydraw.de!